A show of appreciation and favorite links...

A special word of recognition and appreciation here for friends, family, colleagues, and customers, each of whom played a role in the creation and continuation of Adirondack Wildwood. Without you, my furniture would remain as "sticks in the basement." Although not an exhaustive listing, the following individuals and organizations and I have "crossed paths," in our pursuit of rustic perfection:

"Arts in the Park" in Inlet NY, on the tip of 4th Lake has been my July show home for many years. Great people, great venue, and many great memories

Deer Meadows Motel and Cottages in Inlet, on beautiful 7th Lake, have has been a home in my travels for the past dozen years. Thank you Cherie (

Pat Deyle, fellow woodsman and "Stixman" from Ilion and Raquette Lake, NY has been a tremendous resource for me and Adirondack Wildwood

Debora Everett has followed a similar career path as a wildlife artist, participating with me in a number of shows together. Your paintings are beautiful (

Irish Children's Program of Rochester, provides a post retirement opportunity to work with children. Great program, great people, and great cause (

Lakeside Living Expo in Gilford, NH represents another step for Adirondack Wildwood. Suzette and Blair Anthony, I look forward to joining your show this July (

Mark and Robert Poe, award winning photographers of Adirondack Park (

Greg and Toni Rudd, you both are incomparable. Your pottery is beautiful, jam and jelly delicious, and we have shared great times together on the show circuit (Country Collage/ Log Cabin Kitchens)

Bill Stephens, artist, teacher, and mentor. Thank you for your ongoing support and suggestions along the way

Mark and Linda Tyoe, your chainsaw carvings are amazing and wonderful store in Forestport, NY have been a home to my furniture for many years. Thank you (

Vince Vollo, artist and graphic designer, thank you for creating my new website.

Karin Marie Wallin, your wildlife paintings are amazing, and the perfect touch as an accent to many of my furniture pieces. Thank you (The Windfall Studio and Gallery)

Thank you all for your participation in Adirondack Wildwood. To the reader, those listed here all depend, in one way or another, on "word of mouth" promotions for their own professional endeavors. Please take the time to support each one, as we all strive to create something great for you.

Sincerely, Ken

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