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The Adirondack mountains are fascinating to me. I love viewing the cascading mountain ranges from atop Mt. Marcy or Algonquin and am mesmerized by a mountain brook tumbling over mossy boulders. I am also intrigued by the residual signs of the old backwoods logging industry and historic lodges. As an outgrowth of these interests, I have come to appreciate the natural beauty and three dimension artwork of the classic Adirondack twig furniture, as found in lodges and historic camps. My own style has been further influenced by Native American artistic design and the aged look of primitive antique furnishings.

The process of building each piece of Adirondack Wildwood furnishings begins with a careful selection of materials, searching for a tree branch with the right angle and bark configuration, or a knot or grain pattern that might give character to a table top. Construction centers on durability, and design focuses on functionality and attention to detail. The finishing stage makes use of oils, stains, and protective covering, which truly "brings to life" the color and natural beauty of each unique piece.

Most of my furniture sales over the years have been at outdoor shows, and I come to each show with a variety of furnishings as reflected in the categories identified in this gallery. I typically come to a show with a large selection of end tables, many with antique bread or cutting board tops, as these have proven to be most popular. Personally, I enjoy my work, but also enjoy the interaction with others with similar interests. Please feel free to contact me with comments or questions, or to discuss commissioned work.

I welcome an opportunity to meet or talk with you.


Ken Stanton
Adirondack Wildwood, LLC


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